[gs-bugs] [Bug 688601] PDF v1.5 file we don't display correctly using GS 8.53

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Wed Jul 2 22:24:02 PDT 2008


------- Additional Comments From ray.johnston at artifex.com  2008-07-02 22:24 -------
While the patch of attachment 4180 (comment #24) works OK with the
'transillus.pdf'  (attachment 3100 of bug 689309) of the customer's original bug
report, it does _NOT_ give the correct color (Cyan) on trani.pdf (attachment
3187, comment #10).

Furthermore, it does not account for all of the other ExtGState and gstate
parameters that might be modified by (possibly nested) SMask operations.

I suggest that the patch of comment #20 is closer to what is actually needed, but
with something to handle the smask ID so that it is comatible with pdfwrite.

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