[gs-bugs] [Bug 688601] PDF v1.5 file we don't display correctly using GS 8.53

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Sun Jul 6 10:49:21 PDT 2008


------- Additional Comments From leonardo at artifex.com  2008-07-06 10:49 -------
Regarding comment #32 : 

1. Any buffering to be applied after clist.

2. We already implement device methods for bebin/end soft mask. What we do not 
is a caching an already rasterized mask. BTW shadings demonstrate same problem.

IMO you guys again look in a wrong ditrection. The key problem is to comply 
soft_mask_id storage with gsave/grestore. All other issues are minor.

BTW I suspect that the patch 4715 can be brought to the life with a relatively 
small effort. Maybe I'm wrong, because I didn't study this part of gs/lib . I 
*guess* the patch 4715 implements the sequence :

   gsave .begintransparencymaskgroup exec_group .endtransparencymask grestore

That's why it miss soft_mask_id from the graphic state. The right sequence it :

   .begintransparencymaskgroup gsave exec_group grestore .endtransparencymask

Something like this may be done with qQ in gs/lib as well.

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