[gs-bugs] [Bug 689945] New: Regression: cluster regression 18-02F.PS

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Mon Jul 7 21:01:22 PDT 2008


           Summary: Regression: cluster regression 18-02F.PS
           Product: Ghostscript
           Version: HEAD
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P4
         Component: Regression
        AssignedTo: support at artifex.com
        ReportedBy: marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com
         QAContact: gs-bugs at ghostscript.com

Starting with r8727 the cluster regression reports an error with the file 18-02F.PS:

% _Pg checksums collected from GPL Ghostscript SVN PRE-RELEASE version 3010 
18-2f GSTATE 
18-2f GSTATE = 0 Graphic 10 ms 
/18-2f__Pg01 0 def %matching 0 
18-2f Special Test A 
18-2f Special Test A = 29185 Graphic 10 ms 
18-2f Special Test B 
18-2f Special Test B typecheck imagemask *  
Error: /typecheck in --setgstate--
Operand stack:
   Disclose   (>>)   --dict:7/8(L)--   (<<)   239.0   297.5   (<<)  
--nostringval--   --nostringval--
Execution stack:
   %interp_exit   .runexec2   --nostringval--   --nostringval--  
--nostringval--   2   %stopped_push   --nostringval--   --nos
tringval--   --nostringval--   false   1   %stopped_push   1905   1   3  
%oparray_pop   1904   1   3   %oparray_pop   1888   1
   3   %oparray_pop   1771   1   3   %oparray_pop   --nostringval--  
%errorexec_pop   .runexec2   --nostringval--   --nostring
val--   --nostringval--   2   %stopped_push   --nostringval--   --nostringval--
  --nostringval--   --nostringval--   --nostrin
gval--   --nostringval--   %array_continue   --nostringval--   --nostringval-- 
 --nostringval--   --nostringval--   stringwidt
h   (pattern accumulator)   7   %pattern_paint_finish   --nostringval--
Dictionary stack:
   --dict:1153/1684(ro)(G)--   --dict:14/20(G)--   --dict:191/200(L)--  
Current allocation mode is local
GPL Ghostscript SVN PRE-RELEASE 8.63: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1

The command line I'm using for testing (not the same as the cluster regression,
but the error is the same):

bin/gs -I./lib:/home/marcos/Desktop/artifex/fonts -q -sDEVICE=pbmraw
-sOutputFile=test.pbm -r72 -K1000000 -dMaxBitmap=30000000 -dNOOUTERSAVE

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