[gs-bugs] [Bug 689935] Larger left margin after converting .PDF to .PCL

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Tue Jul 22 08:11:03 PDT 2008


------- Additional Comments From ray.johnston at artifex.com  2008-07-22 08:11 -------
In PostScript, Margins establish an 'unprintable' area on the page, but
this does NOT cause any shift of the image on the page. The default PostScript
[0,0] is the lower left hand corner of the page.

To shift the data you need to modify the 'initial matrix' using the Install
setpagedevice procedure. For example:

  << /Install { 15 20 translate } bind >> setpagedevice

will shift the data to the right by 15/72 inch and upwards by 20/72 inch.

This will allow you to shift the data on the page. If you need to also shrink
the pages, you can combine this with the 'scale' operator as in:

  << /Install { 15 20 translate .95 .90 scale } bind >> setpagedevice

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