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------- Additional Comments From sergstesh at yahoo.com  2009-02-04 11:36 -------
Clarifying my http://bugs.ghostscript.com/show_bug.cgi?id=690268#c7 comment.

Well, there is still a problem in 'configure'. I first ran the build without
specifying 'cups' as dependency, and 'configure' didn't complain - because it
found system-wide 'cups' - I think.

The system-wide 'cups-config --ldflags' yields an empty string, while "the
correct" cups-config yields true library locations:

/mnt/sdb8/sergei/AFSWD_debug/install/cups-1.3.9-source/binsh/cups-config --ldflags

'configure' screen output shows only this:

checking for cups-config...

i.e. there is no checking that the necessary 'cups' files/paths exist.

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