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------- Additional Comments From mckameh1 at armadillo.fr  2009-02-05 10:19 -------
I've followed all the directions and have successfully created the release using
VS2005, with the result that now both gswin32.exe and gsdll32.dll don't work at all.

I think I'll therefore wait patiently for the binary release for Windows before
deciding if my bug has or has not been corrected in 8.64.

Thank you for all your efforts in trying to get me going.
I remark that I previously did compile 8.63 from the sources without any
problem, and without any need to contact you. However, I am now for some reason
unable to produce a viable 8.64. I suspect that some file(s) are missing, but
will know more when I'll compare my compiled release with the future official

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