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------- Additional Comments From ken.sharp at artifex.com  2009-02-06 00:57 -------
Hmm, I'm puzzled by what you are saying here. gswin32.exe is not a complete
stand-alone application, it uses the gsdll32 DLL which, contains the actual
interpreter code, to do most of the work.

So I'm a bit puzzled as to how gswin32.exe works but gsdll32.dll doesn't. 

Its also not clear how you are testing the file with gsdll32.dll, since this
isn't an executable. Is this being used from within your own application ? What
do you mean when you say that the file 'doesn't work' with gsdll32.dll, do you
get an error message or something else ?

If you are using the DLL from your own application, are you absolutely certain
you are using the correct DLL ?

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