[gs-bugs] [Bug 690283] printing multiple xps files causes hangup during cleanup

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Wed Feb 11 23:41:37 PST 2009


------- Additional Comments From norbert.janssen at oce.com  2009-02-11 23:41 -------
I noticed that only in xpstop.c changes were made.
In xpsdoc.c the following function also uses ctx->first_part to free the list,
but does not reset it. Is this intentionaly, or an ommission?

xps_free_used_parts(xps_context_t *ctx)
    /* TODO: actually do what we should. for now we just free cached resources. */
    xps_part_t *part = ctx->first_part;
    while (part)
	xps_part_t *next = part->next;
	xps_free_part_caches(ctx, part);
	part = next;

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