[gs-bugs] [Bug 690285] ps2pdf segfaults on attached ps file

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Thu Feb 12 02:41:16 PST 2009


------- Additional Comments From ken.sharp at artifex.com  2009-02-12 02:41 -------
<sigh> Its another non-deterministic bug it seems. For me under Windows the bug
exhibits without -c .setpdfwrite, or at least I get a crash. However, under the
debugger it won't crash either way.

I think this may be a memory issue, which is why it doesn't apparently exhibit
on 64-bit machines and, for me, disappears when run under a debugger. The memory
arena is sufficiently different that whatever causes the problem stamps on
something unimportant.

Its also (probably) a clue that the stack trace shows the crash in
gs_gc_reclaim, and Ralph's debug build shows memory chunk problems.

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