[gs-bugs] [Bug 690290] make failes not finding paper.h

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------- Additional Comments From dennisveatch at bellsouth.net  2009-02-14 10:28 -------
Using Linux-Linux distro ( http://www.lunar-linux.org/index.php ). Ghostscript
does check for libpaper as noted by;

checking for systempapername in -lpaper... no

which you can confirm from the ghostscript tarball, and running ./configure
--help, which will show you a --with-libpaper. So yes, upstream ghostscript does
check for it's presence. What hacks Ubuntu uses, I don't know, don't use that
distro. In the example above, I did not have libpaper installed so it says no.

If libpaper is not installed, the build process moves along just fine without
issue. Also, if libpaper is installed, the file base/gp_upapr.c contains;

#include <paper.h>

which is not the default include path libpaper throws paper.h.

libpaper when compiled from source, and no distro specific hackery is used, just
prefix=/usr. It will throw paper.h in /usr/include/libpaper/ .

Anyway, your right, it did not help it find the header. This was just a dirty
hack by me to get ghostscript to compile with the presence of libpaper, without
first uninstalling it. It still does not alter the issue that ghostscript looks
for paper.h in the wrong include path as specified by the default
(--prefix=/usr) include path used by libpaper.

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