[gs-bugs] [Bug 690225] Predictable input processing when reading from a pipe

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Tue Feb 17 12:39:21 PST 2009


------- Additional Comments From triska at gmx.at  2009-02-17 12:39 -------
After considering all issues, it seems best to simply stick to -dNOPROMPT and
pipe to gs the generated code without using the pipe flag, because only then the
display buffer seems to be predictably flushed without having to mention
(gs-specific) 'flushpage'. At the same time the prompt is disabled, and it works
with Level 3 PostScript. Only one issue remains: As we discussed on IRC, the
current documentation about -dNOPRPOMPT is wrong in that it states that this
switch disables the implicit flushpage, which is (luckily!) not the case. Thank
you in advance for fixing the documentation, and for looking into this!

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