[gs-bugs] [Bug 690297] pdf2ps -dLanguageLevel=1 produces a ps file that fails with /undefined in Ic

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Tue Feb 24 05:20:50 PST 2009


------- Additional Comments From williambader at hotmail.com  2009-02-24 05:20 -------
Thanks for looking at the file.  I need to convert the file into a format that I
can use to do a software separation in postscript.  (I have a postscript page
built from images like this, and I want to make c, m, y and k versions of the
page by using prologues that redefine color operators.)  My separation prologue
can handle level 1 but not all of level 2, so when I have a pdf, I would prefer
to convert it to a level 1 eps because I know that my separation prologue will
handle it.  This file caused a problem when the conversion to level 1 failed. 
Since this particular file prints in b&w, converting it to level 2 worked well
enough, but in the future, I might have a similar file with color, and then I
would need to convert it to level 1.
The worst problem for me was that gs produced an invalid file without returning
an error status.  If gs finds a file that it can't convert to level 1, the best
for me would be if it produced a level 2 file instead and the next best would be
if gs would return an error status so that I could detect it inside my script.

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