[gs-bugs] [Bug 690296] segmentation fault on devs.tr while compiling in shared mode

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Thu Feb 26 12:57:54 PST 2009


------- Additional Comments From bluedzins at wp.pl  2009-02-26 12:57 -------
I am not sure if I did well or wrong, but at least I installed GS.
1) I configured GS explicitly stating the libs should go to /usr/local/lib64 
because despite my machine is 64bit GS configure builds Makefile in such way 
the libs go to /usr/local/lib (i.e. 32-bit)
2) I ignored GS manual and did not link unix-gcc.mak as makefile
3) I edited Makefile manually to remove XCFLAGS because despite the comment 
XCFLAGS can be passed from commandline it is impossible when this flag is 
cleared in the script
4) I run: XCGLAGS=-fPIC make so

So, if my steps were correct there are 3-4 missing pieces in GS installation 

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