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------- Additional Comments From horiana at us.ibm.com  2009-07-03 08:11 -------

As we previously had the problem with pcl___xj.fco that courier font was not 
selected as default, we tried to use #define AGFA_SCREENFONTS and that solved 
our problem but rose another problem with Arial Bold being substituted with 

After a few investigations in plftable.c we found that in macro fontnames
(agfascreenfontname, agfaname, urwname) the agfaname and agfascreenfontname are 
not following the same pattern. Meaning there is Courier on first position
(agfascreenfontname) and CourierMT on second position(agfaname) and for  Arial 
Bold is vice versa Arial-BoldMT(agfascreenfontname) on first position and Arial-
Shouldn't they be specified the same way for all fonts, like for example all 
font names without MT suffix occupy the first position and those with MT suffix 
occupy the second position in that macro?


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