[gs-bugs] [Bug 690605] New: Fix memleak in jbig2 processing

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Mon Jul 6 19:37:32 PDT 2009


           Summary: Fix memleak in jbig2 processing
           Product: MuPDF
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Macintosh
        OS/Version: MacOS X
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P4
         Component: mupdf
        AssignedTo: tor.andersson at artifex.com
        ReportedBy: kkowalczyk at gmail.com
         QAContact: gs-bugs at ghostscript.com

A recent change added creating global jbig2 context when processing some jbig2
images, but didn't add code to free it, creating a leak. This patch fixes it:

Index: fitz/filt_jbig2d.c
--- fitz/filt_jbig2d.c  (revision 1236)
+++ fitz/filt_jbig2d.c  (working copy)
@@ -46,6 +46,7 @@
        FZ_NEWFILTER(fz_jbig2d, d, jbig2d);
        d->ctx = jbig2_ctx_new(nil, JBIG2_OPTIONS_EMBEDDED, nil, nil, nil);
+       d->gctx = nil;
        d->page = nil;
        d->idx = 0;
        return fz_okay;
@@ -56,6 +57,8 @@
        fz_jbig2d *d = (fz_jbig2d*)filter;
+       if (d->gctx)
+               jbig2_global_ctx_free(d->gctx);

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