[gs-bugs] [Bug 690608] pdf2ps and ps2pdf conversion - problem with copying text

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Tue Jul 7 10:10:49 PDT 2009


------- Additional Comments From ken.sharp at artifex.com  2009-07-07 10:10 -------
Hmm, well there can be many reasons for this, not least the fact that you appear
to be using quite an old version of Ghostscript.

I'd suggest upgrading and retrying, but if you post an example PostScript file I
can try it and let you know the results. Also, if this turns out to be expected,
why it happens.

Note that the dual conversion really isn't a terribly good idea, as you
potentially lose information on each conversion. In particular the pdf2ps script
uses the pswrite (PostScript language level 1) device, rather than the much more
capable ps2write device. Most likely the conversion via pswrite is discarding
information. If you are unable to copy text this suggests that there is in fact
no text in the document, merely bitmaps.

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