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------- Additional Comments From ray.johnston at artifex.com  2009-07-11 08:36 -------
Artifex does not own the copyright to the URW fonts that URW graciously released
under GPL. We will forward this request to them. Note that this issue has
persisted for several years, so is not urgent or "major". In fact, I personally
think this borders on the ridiculous, but then I consider much "lawyering" as

The intent of the GPL is to allow people that use software, in this case font
programs, to modify them to fix problems or to to extend the functionality 
(such as adding glyphs). Since fonts (as well as images and ICC profiles) can be
extracted from PDF documents using Ghostscript, then Ghostscript _does_ provide
for the font source as required by (at least the spirit of) GPL.

I will attach a program to extract fonts from a PDF using Ghostscript.

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