[gs-bugs] [Bug 690146] GS_LIB registry setting entry with "gs863w32.exe"

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------- Additional Comments From js at grafikhuset.dk  2009-07-13 13:50 -------

We have written a Windows NT service wrapper around the GS DLL (32 bit 
version) and a custom, very fast spool-file reader that feed this NT Service.

Currently this "system" is running with a custom version of GS 8.64 (re-packed 
for silent deployment as a MSI package) on approx. 200 Windows 2003 servers in 
a data center providing a variety of custom PDF creation services for approx. 
4000 users in 15 different smaller banks.

I developed the NT Service wrapper, the spool-file reader and created the MSI 

A 5-8 seconds delay for caching fonts is not an issue in this environment *IF* 
true multi-threading was possible *AND* we wasn't forced to close and unload 
the GS DLL for each job. However, we need to do that since a single error with 
negative exit code cause havoc and -- in practise -- require GS to be 
completely refreshed.

Hence, if GS has to be loaded for each new job such a delay would be a 

I'm willing to invest some time in this issue, so if you need me to test 
anything I'd be happy to assist. I have a quite qualified Windows test 
environment handy.

Best regards / Med venlig hilsen
Jacob Schäffer  |  Chief Developer
Paradis Allé 22, Ramløse
DK-3200 Helsinge, Denmark
Phone: +45 4439 4400
Email: js at grafikhuset.dk
Web: www.grafikhuset.net

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