[gs-bugs] [Bug 690595] increase spool file size drastically while printing.

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------- Additional Comments From ray.johnston at artifex.com  2009-07-15 09:51 -------
This has nothing to do with mupdf or summatrapdf.

Ghostscript generates raster images for the pages, by default at the full color
depth and resolution that the printer supports. GDI (which is what is spooled)
does not provide for compression of images, so the full page raster image gets
spooled. Setting a lower resolution using the -r### option will trade-off the
image quality for the spool file size.

While reducing the bits per pixel to less than 8 (per component) might help
reduce the file size, it is not recommended since this will degrade the image
quality a lot.

An idea that occurs to me is that if some pages are only black and white (or
shades of gray), then the size of the data for the page can be cut to 1/3 by
only sending a black and white image. Currently it always sends full color
even if the page only needs 1 channel.

Adding 'bountiable' to this since we will be glad to pay for someone to
improve the output spool file size of the mswinpr2 device. The above
optimization for B&W pages and/or other ideas a contributor has will be

Assigning to Russell since he (I think) is the original author of this
device. Russell, if you don't want it assigned to you, feel free to change
it back to support at artifex.com

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