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Thu Jul 23 04:30:50 PDT 2009


------- Additional Comments From tteveris at gerberscientific.com  2009-07-23 04:30 -------
No that will not work because when you return from my gimp_text_begin() it 
will GPF in the following function.

static int
zshow(i_ctx_t *i_ctx_p)
    os_ptr op = osp;
    gs_text_enum_t *penum;
    int code = op_show_setup(i_ctx_p, op);

    if (code != 0 ||
	(code = gs_show_begin(igs, op->value.bytes, r_size(op), imemory, 
&penum)) < 0)
	return code;
CRASH HERE    *(op_proc_t *)&penum->enum_client_data = zshow;
    if ((code = op_show_finish_setup(i_ctx_p, penum, 1, finish_show)) < 0) {
	ifree_object(penum, "op_show_enum_setup");
	return code;
    return op_show_continue_pop(i_ctx_p, 1);

So I assume some "dummy" functions must be setup or a special return code.

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