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------- Additional Comments From ken.sharp at artifex.com  2009-07-24 07:23 -------
There is no Unicode information in the job, so we are forced to fall back to
attempting to construct the information based on the glyph names. To do this we
use the /Unicode /Decoding resource.

In there I see that :

16#00EA LC300000 Cdot ecircumflex 
16#00EB LC290000 cdot edieresis 

So CDot is returned as Unicode code point U+00EA, which is actually the
ecircumflex which is indeed what the character pastes as. The Unicode point for
CDot should be U+010A, and at that position in the Decoding resource I see:

16#010A LI620000 Cdotaccent 
16#010B cdotaccent

So if the glyph had been called Cdotaccent it would work correctly.

This seems fairly clearly wrong to me, CDot should have the same Unicode point
as Cdotaccent I would think, and certainly should not have the same value as

If I change the Decoding resource then the character does in fact copy and paste
as expected.

Fixed in revision 9887, patch here:


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