[gs-bugs] [Bug 690299] Differences with page mode vs clist

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Sun Mar 1 19:42:47 PST 2009


------- Additional Comments From marcos.woehrmann at artifex.com  2009-03-01 19:42 -------
There two independent problems; when us -sOuputFile="|md5sum" I also get different results for each 
run.  However this isn't the issue that this bug is reporting.  Please try the command line in comment 
#0  to see if the output is deterministic:

marcos at amd64:[38]% ~/artifex/ghostpdl/main/obj/pcl6 -r72 -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=bitrgb -
sOutputFile=test1.rgb ./c327.bin
marcos at amd64:[39]% ~/artifex/ghostpdl/main/obj/pcl6 -r72 -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=bitrgb -
sOutputFile=test2.rgb ./c327.bin
marcos at amd64:[40]% md5sum test1.rgb
428bf7de569a3e8ff7879c7e2283a567  test1.rgb
marcos at amd64:[41]% md5sum test2.rgb
428bf7de569a3e8ff7879c7e2283a567  test2.rgb

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