[gs-bugs] [Bug 690332] Can't get rid of white space

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------- Additional Comments From alex.cherepanov at artifex.com  2009-03-16 10:26 -------
I guess you want to crop a minimal marked rectangle out of your pages.
PDF has /CropBox attribute but it's equal to the media size in your

You need to modify /CropBox attribute using a PDF text editor, for instance
full Adobe Acrobat (not Reader).

Ghostscript is a PDF interpreter. In general, it is not designed to modify
PDF files, although it can help in this case. Ghostscript includes pdfinflt
utility that, normally, decompresses streams in the PDF file. Ghostscript
is also good at repairing broken xref tables.

PDF file uses xref table to access the objects. You can modify
/CropBox attributes using a text editor (breaking xref table) and
re-generate xref table using Ghostscript pdfinflt utility. The pdfinflt
can be modified to skip decompression. I've done this before but YMMV.

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