[gs-bugs] [Bug 690352] GS 8.63 seems to consume more CPU compared to GS8.54

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Mon Mar 23 22:27:13 PDT 2009


------- Additional Comments From ray.johnston at artifex.com  2009-03-23 22:27 -------
We cannot address general (non-specific) issues.

Please attach sample files (or email to support) and the exact command line
or invocation procedures used. Also specify the version of Ghostscipt that
you found to exhibit the problem.

Note that there are some memory (and garbage collection) issues that affected
previous versions of Ghostscript. Some output devices (such as pdfwrite) were
more prone to performance degradation with memory issues.

Please test with the 8.64 release, and also please test with a more relaxed
demand on the garbage collector using the option:

   -c " 80000000 setvmthreashold " -f

immediately preceding the input file (or sent via 'run_string' api calls)
prior to processing the input. 

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