[gs-bugs] [Bug 690355] pdfwrite ignores the "#copies" setting in PostScript input

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------- Additional Comments From till.kamppeter at gmail.com  2009-03-26 13:50 -------
We are entering a new dimension here. PDF is overtaking the role of PostScript
in the printing workflow. It is getting the standard print job format. See


I have a CUPS environment (in Ubuntu Jaunty) where the standard print job format
is PDF. This especially means that all jobs get turned to PDF and processed by
the pdftopdf CUPS filter.

Unfortunately some applications (like OpenOffice.org) send PostScript and select
the number of copies by embedding "/#copies 2 def" in the PostScript. All jobs
get converted to PDF, PostScript jobs by Ghostscript with the "pdfwrite" output
device. For this situation I need the PDF containing the requested number of
copies (or containing some parameter telling that this PDF has to be rendered X
times). To not break other things I suggest that you make this functionality
optional, like only being active if "-dUSENUMCOPIES" is set on the Ghostscript
command line.

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