[gs-bugs] [Bug 690355] pdfwrite ignores the "#copies" setting in PostScript input

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------- Additional Comments From till.kamppeter at gmail.com  2009-03-26 16:20 -------
The normal way is that the number of copies is accompanied with the job as an
IPP attribute and not embedded in the PostScript. Apps link with libcups and use
functions from this library to poll printer lists and PPDs and also to set the
options and send the job. OpenOffice.org also links against the CUPS library and
loads the list of available printers and the PPDs from CUPS and it even sends
the option settings as IPP attributes, only the number of copies is sent as
embedded PostScript.

All CUPS filters of a filter chain to process a print job are called with the
same command line, where the forth argument is the number of copies and the
fifth argument a string of space-separated key=value pairs for the options. In
the case of OpenOffice.org the forth argument is always 1, as OpenOffice.org
does not send the IPP attribute for the copies, it expects that the PostScript
interpreter (independent whether on the CUPS server or in the printer) generates
the copies. It is not possible for a CUPS filter (in our case pstopdf) to modify
the command line of the following filters. So pstopdf cannot search for /#copies
and then set the forth argument for the rest of the filters to appropriate
number. The only way how a CUPS filter can react to something in the input data
is to modify the output data. This is also the only way how a CUPS filter can
communicate with the subsequent filters.

I hope we do not need to wait for the JTAPI (Job Ticket API) library
implementation to be able to fix the problem with OpenOffice.org (probably OOo
will earlier send print jobs in PDF).

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