[gs-bugs] [Bug 690355] pdfwrite ignores the "#copies" setting in PostScript input

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Fri Mar 27 02:10:43 PDT 2009


------- Additional Comments From ken.sharp at artifex.com  2009-03-27 02:10 -------
Ralph is correct, the number of copies is something which is job metadata, and
should be sent as Adobe PJTF, CIP4 JDF or CIP3 PPF or similar.

Adding support for a switch which emitted multiple copies of each page would be
non-trivial, as well as making the PDF file much larger (potentially very much
larger). That's not to say its impossible, merely difficult, because we would
need to reserve more entries in the pages tree and the xref table, and emit each
page content stream multiple times with different object numbers.

I think we would be better to add the ability to embed PJTF in the PDF file
(Acrobat Distiller can do this), and put the copies parameter in there. This is
the nearest thing there is in a PDF file to NumCopies in PostScript. The PDF
Interpreter could then optionally read the PJTF and set #copies from it. However
that also begs the question of what to do with all the other content of a PJTF
such as resolution.

This really is a workflow problem, and I think should be tackled by adopting
workflow solutions rather than hacking the behaviour of Ghostscript and pdfwrite.

Presumably the OpenOffice developers will face the same problem themselves if
they emit PDF files directly, either they will need to embed multiple copies of
the pages in the PDF file (inefficient) a PJTF in the PDF file or set the IPP
parameters to CUPS properly....

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