[gs-bugs] [Bug 690366] Indeterminate rendering of CET test files

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------- Additional Comments From ken.sharp at artifex.com  2009-03-30 01:14 -------
Alex, when I last looked at this (July 2008) I found the following:

09-56.PS	-	resourceforall
28-06.PS	-	forall
30-11.PS	-	forall
99-01.PS	-	forall
99-02.PS	-	forall

All these were affected by the enumeration order of dictionaries. I agree
completely that expecting the enumeration to be fixed is a bug in the test, but
these are the Quality Logic (Genoa) test files, which customers may also run. If
we modify them we want to remember that these are not the 'standard' files,
maybe we should rename them (eg 99-01-modified.ps).

Alternatively we can modify the forall operator behaviour in gs_cet.ps so that
it sorts the dictionaries before reporting them. Unfortunately the QL tests'
forall procedure argument leaves stuff on the stack, so this is kind of difficult.

I also found these other problems:
08-04.PS	-	bar graph for memory usage, date and time from %Calendar%
23-32.PS	-	SubFileDecode error
31-01.PS	-	order idiom recognition finds idioms
31-07.PS	-	usertime used to draw a line
31-12.PS	-	usertime used to draw a line

I think we already removed the 'usertime' files from the test suite and I never
did get to the bottom of the SubFileDecode error (it may be gone by now).
08-04.ps uses vmstatus to get the memory and draw a graph, which is
indeterminate, as well as using the %Calendar% device which obviously returns
different values.

Note that all these files are indeterminate for good reasons, unlike some of the
other files which seem to be indeterminate for no readily apparent reason,
usually tiny text differences.

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