[gs-bugs] [Bug 691523] TrueType text in PDF/A files (CID Font) will not translate to Unicode

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thank you for the answer.

> You haven't
> said what version of Reader you are using, for me Acrobat (Professional) 9 
> will not permit copy/paste of the text from a PDF/A file. 

I tried Reader 8, Reader 9 and Acrobat Pro 9. All of them will copy the text.
The copied text is ABCD(0x0500)XYZ for the PDF/A files from GS 8.63 (as a
example for earlier versions) and GS 8.70.
For the GS 8.71 file it is

> (BTW neither of these files are PDF/A valid files)

I know that, but I wanted to make things simple regarding the ommandline to
create the files.

> It will from the file created by the current version of GS.
> So its entirely unclear to me how you are testing this, but as far as I can
> tell the bug is in 8.70, 

This is definitely not the case (at least it is not *only* in 8.70) because GS
8.63 behaves like GS 8.70.

> I would suggest you try the current version of GS.

I will and I will post my results.

Thank you,

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