[gs-bugs] [Bug 691523] TrueType text in PDF/A files (CID Font) will not translate to Unicode

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OK, I checked.

Here are my results:

The problem in 8.70 is, that font->procs.decode_glyph() will return GS_NO_CHAR
for the /hyphen. Strange enough, the function is able to map all other glyphs
to unicode but not the hyphen. Renaming /hyphen to /minus in the PS file fixes
the problem, but the whole thing seems a bit weird to me.

Is there an explanation, why decode_glyph() fails only for /hyphen?

The problem in 8.71 is, that, regardless what Technical Note 5411 says, Adobe
Reader 9 seems not to like 2 byte keys in ToUnicode CMaps. As soon as the keys
are 2 byte long, translation of copied text to unicode fails. Reverting the
changes in pdf_add_ToUnicode fixes that problem.

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