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--- Comment #2 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2010-08-23 15:51:50 UTC ---
This issue exposes three separate bugs in the processing of Unicode strings and
XMP metadata. 

Firstly as Alex says in comment #1, the character index counting was wrong when
converting PostScript escaped strings into binary, the character was advanced
past the last consumed character if it was not an octal escape, and up to the
last consumed character for an octal escape. This meant that non-octal escapes
consumed an extra character from the buffer.

Secondly, the backspace escape (\b) was not recognised, causing return of a 'b'
character instead of the binary value 0x08.

Thirdly the conversion from UTF-16 into UTF-8 used the wrong value for the end
of the destination (UTF-8) buffer, causing an invalid abort because of buffer

I have fixes for all 3 of these, and am about to regression test them. I also
want to check and see if there are any other PostScript escape sequences not
being catered for.

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