[gs-bugs] [Bug 691101] Regression: character spacing issues starting with r10476

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Fri Feb 5 08:23:07 UTC 2010


------- Additional Comments From ken.sharp at artifex.com  2010-02-05 00:23 -------
Marcos, you have this as a pdfwrite problem, but it seems from the latest
regression report to be the same (or nearly so) for rendering, is this really
just pdfwrite ?

testdiff.py 20100204 differences from baseline (91 differences)
normal   Bug687832.pdf (pbmraw/300/banded)
normal   Bug689753.pdf (pbmraw/72/noband)
normal   Bug690372.pdf (pbmraw/72/noband)
normal   Testform.v1.0.2.pdf (pbmraw/72/noband)
normal   Type11CDevProc.ps (pbmraw/72/noband)
normal   WD0010L0.pdf (pbmraw/72/noband)
normal   jointest.ps (pbmraw/72/noband)

pdfwrite Bug687832.pdf (pkmraw/300/noband)
pdfwrite Bug687846.ps (ppmraw/300/noband)
pdfwrite Bug689753.pdf (pkmraw/300/noband)
pdfwrite Bug690372.pdf (ppmraw/300/noband)
pdfwrite Testform.v1.0.2.pdf (pkmraw/300/noband)
pdfwrite Type11CDevProc.ps (ppmraw/300/noband)
pdfwrite WD0010L0.pdf (pkmraw/300/noband)
pdfwrite jointest.ps (ppmraw/300/noband)
pdfwrite korea.ps (pkmraw/300/noband)

Admittedly there are two more in the pdfwrite tests, but other than that they
are the same set.

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