[gs-bugs] [Bug 691125] New: Ghostscript won't render encrypted files

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Fri Feb 19 23:16:01 UTC 2010


           Summary: Ghostscript won't render encrypted files
           Product: Ghostscript
           Version: 8.71
          Platform: PC
        OS/Version: Windows XP
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: major
          Priority: P4
         Component: PDF Interpreter
        AssignedTo: alex.cherepanov at artifex.com
        ReportedBy: jcsantos at fc.up.pt
         QAContact: gs-bugs at ghostscript.com

Ghostscript seems unable to read password protected PDF files. When I try I get
this message:

GPL Ghostscript 8.71 (2010-02-10)
Copyright (C) 2010 Artifex Software, Inc.  All rights reserved.
This software comes with NO WARRANTY: see the file PUBLIC for details.
   **** This file requires a password for access.
   **** The file was produced by:
   **** >>>> ¢äG>&#9577;þÓ&#9787;õ/"q´WwCðq´Ôm <<<<
Error: /invalidfileaccess in pdf_process_Encrypt
Operand stack:

Execution stack:
   %interp_exit   .runexec2   --nostringval--   --nostringval--   --nostringval-
-   2   %stopped_push   --nostringval--   --nostringval--   --nostringval--   fa
lse   1   %stopped_push   1878   1   3   %oparray_pop   1877   1   3   %oparray_
pop   1861   1   3   %oparray_pop   --nostringval--   --nostringval--   --nostri
ngval--   --nostringval--   false   1   %stopped_push
Dictionary stack:
   --dict:1155/1684(ro)(G)--   --dict:1/20(G)--   --dict:75/200(L)--   --dict:75
/200(L)--   --dict:108/127(ro)(G)--   --dict:288/300(ro)(G)--   --dict:18/25(L)-
Current allocation mode is local
GPL Ghostscript 8.71: Unrecoverable error, exit code 1

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