[gs-bugs] [Bug 691129] Avoid using -Wno-strict-aliasing on old versions of gcc

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------- Additional Comments From williambader at hotmail.com  2010-02-22 08:48 -------
I realize that -Wno-strict-aliasing is a good switch.  My patches leave it
enabled by default.  The patches only provide a cleaner way to remove it when
necessary.  With the patches, you can remove it through the "make" command line.
 The unpatched version of ghostpdl requires you to remove it by editing
main/pcl6_gcc.mak.  For people who do builds on several systems from a shared
NFS area, it is safer to control the options from a script (based on the version
of gcc) than by removing them from the make file (which removes them permanently
for all builds).
I know that RH 7.3 is old, but we still have a number of RH 7.3 systems to support.

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