[gs-bugs] [Bug 691439] segmentation fault when processes pdf file with CID fonts

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> (In reply to comment #7)
> > of Ghostscript from source ? If so I would suggest you get a copy of the latest
> > source and try it.
> I cannot build a copy of Ghostscript on Windows platform. And I have no Linux
> now, :-(

There are some windows builds of somewhat recent (2 weeks old) dev code under:

This is the older winzipse-based installer:

This is a more recent snapshot with the new nsis-based installer:

*very important* (1) if you install one, please uninstall before installing the
other - *bad things* can happen to your registry if you install one on top of
the other. (I hope to block the nsis installer from installing over the winzip
installer in the next few weeks.)

These snapshots are provided just for trying out of the new installer
functionality so I hope they work and can verify that bugs are fixed in more
recent dev builds, but please don't file bugs on problems with them unless you
can see the problem from a build you made.

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