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--- Comment #4 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2010-07-08 07:26:19 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> ~3years, gs still doesn't have duplex in pswrite output.  any plans to change
> it?

Not really. The problem is that the input file is fully interpreted to graphics
primitives (marking operations) which are then sent to the graphics library for
output. In the case of pswrite (and other high level devices) instead of
producing rendered output these are instead converted into high-level marking
operations and re-emitted, in this case as PostScript.

Note that this is the same model for all input and output languages, thus it
doesn't matter whether the input is PostScript, PDF, PCL, XPS or SVG, and the
output driver can be (currently) either PostScript or PDF. 

'metadata', like Duplex, Tumble and a myriad of other device-specific settings,
including many which are relevant only to a specific device such as HP colour
control, do not mark the output and so there is no simple way to pass this data
through to the output. Also even if it were possible, it is equally likely that
users would complain that this data *wasn't* being stripped off, and causing
problems in their workflow. Just because the input file is duplexed doesn't
mean the user wants the output file to be duplex.

The 'correct' way to handle this is to create an application which can be
supplied with a PPD file for the printer, and can display a dialog for the user
to select the device settings (ideally inheriting any appropriate settings from
the input file). This is well beyond the scope of a device in Ghostscript.

Simply prepend the file created by pswrite with an appropriate setpagedevice.

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