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My worry with this would also have been the lacking support for older Windows
systems. Personally, I'm using this trick in my batch files since a few years.

To check, if cmd.exe on your version of Window actually supports it, just run
"for /?" and scroll down towards the end. Here is a list of all posible loop
variable (%a, %b, %c,...) or positional parameter (%0, %1, %2,...) replacements
(using "I" for letter or number):

%~I  : expand %I and remove all enclosing quotes (").
%~fI : expand %I to the full file name.
%~dI : show the drive name where %I is located.
%~pI : show the path for %I.
%~nI : show the name of %I without file suffix.
%~xI : show the suffix of %I.
%~sI : show the 'short' path for %I.
%~aI : show the file attributes of %I.
%~tI : show date+time of %I.
%~zI : show filesize of %I.

One can combine these like for example here:

%dpI : show drive letter with path for %I.
%nxI : show 'filename.suffix' for %I.
%fsI : show path with filename of %I, but completely the short version.

If you use these wisely, you can make .bat files work even using relative

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