[gs-bugs] [Bug 691408] Standard search path is not used for ICC profiles

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Sat Jul 10 20:58:57 UTC 2010


--- Comment #26 from Ray Johnston <ray.johnston at artifex.com> 2010-07-10 20:58:55 UTC ---
This kept bugging me, so I looked into it some more. Chris, you can ignore this
bug (as far as it being a font specific issue).

The problem is that with the -P- default condition (SEARCH_HERE_FIRST=0), the
'lib_file_open' logic gets called in order to load the file from
Resource/Encoding/Wingdings) and ends up taking the path at zfile.c:1009 that
sets search_with_no_combine = starting_arg_file; search_with_combine = true;
and since 'starting_arg_file' is now 0 (because of the -P- default) it does
not allow 'search_with_no_combine'.

Since GS_LIB=Resource/Init:lib it checks for the existence of:
and various other GS_LIB_DEFAULT paths.

Thus when -P- is the default (or SEARCH_HERE_FIRST=0 in the makefile), we
cannot find Resource files when the GenericResourceDir ends up as a relative
path (non-absolute).

Note that setting -sGenericResourceDir=Resource/ or ./Resource/ also does
not help this -- the file name is seen as not absolute, so does also only
searches for file names prepended with the lib paths.

Setting an absolute path works fine for me.

Till should be able to work with:


(assuming that the shell expands ~ to an absolute path).

This raises concern about the decision to make SEARCH_HERE_FIRST=0 as the
default for the future. It may cause a lot of folks to have problems
accessing Resource files when COMPILE_INITS=0

Adding this comment to that bug as well and reopening it.

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