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Ray Johnston <ray.johnston at artifex.com> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Ray Johnston <ray.johnston at artifex.com> 2010-07-12 21:48:51 UTC ---
This PS file has a "header" that defeats the -dEPSCrop option. The comments
in the header PS file identify it as:

% Level 2 Separation (c) Frank Siegert 7/1999
% Start Separation L2 von D:\TEMPPFAD\E27149.BEL

We cannot arbitrarily scan past PostScript prefix files and attempt to guess
what page size to use, and I suspect that there are cases where Adobe guesses

If I remove the header and trailer having to do with the separation stuff,
-dEPSCrop sets the PageSize correctly. Without this option, on the modified
file, I get the warning:

  **** Warning: Some of the BoundingBox for the EPS file will be clipped.
                Use -dEPSCrop or -dEPSFitPage to avoid clipping.

which indicate that the file is being recognized as an EPSF and that the
-dEPSCrop is working as expected and documented.

Closing as INVALID since Ghostscript is performing as expected as a PostScript
interpreter and the -dEPSCrop also works as expected.

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