[gs-bugs] [Bug 689885] Feature Request for runtime selectable cups raster write mode

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--- Comment #12 from Heino Goldenstein <heino.goldenstein at microplex.de> 2010-07-18 10:46:38 UTC ---
Till, I am aware of this. But printing photorealistic images on a black
and white printer will end up in a dithered raster image. For the used
compression algorithm a chessboard pattern is a worst case scenario
where the compressed data is even  bigger than the uncompressed data.
I like to do some investigation before I file the RFE to be sure it
is really an enhancement and will not turn into a regression.
Maybe the best thing to do is to stay allways with uncompressed data
for image printing.

For PostScript and PDF this is no problem because pure photorealistic
image printing is usually a corner use case. The main page content is
like the CUPS test page (document printing) where the compression
does a good job.
If my understanding is right, the *cupsRasterVersion attribute can
only changed by modifying the ppd. 
Maybe it is even better to have something like this in the ppd:
*OpenUI *Datatransfer: PickOne
*OrderDependency: 10.0 AnySetup *Datatransfer
*DefaultDatatransfer: Compressed
*Datatransfer Compressed/Compressed: "*cupsRasterVersion: 2"
*Datatransfer Uncompressed/Not Compressed: "*cupsRasterVersion: 3"
*CloseUI: *Datatransfer
The default can then be set to the main use case and the corner
case can be selected on demand.
But I don`t know if this is possible.

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