[gs-bugs] [Bug 691463] various errors and warnings building with DEC Tru64's CC

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patch for the various issues

brief description of the changes are:

configure.ac : hide unsighty sed error message when it does not support

gdevbbox: distinguish the two uses of cdev - one from icc merge, one from very
old lpd code

autogen.sh : the extra quote isn't needed and confuses some shell into running
./configure "" resulting in the WARNING: you should use --build, --host,

configure.ac, jbig2dec:
on Tru64 stdint.h does not exist but the jbig2 required type is in inttypes.h

configure.ac: == is a bash extension - see bash manpage recommending = for
posix compliance

romfs: % in printf needs to be %% 

configure.ac: remove duplicate AC_PATH_PROG pkg-config - this causes
"./configure: !: not found" messages on some platforms

I'll mail Michael separately about the gdevbbox fix since it looks like a
possible serious bug and should go in ASAP; the romfs bits are as Ray said, a
genuine bug that gcc doesn't complain about ; most of the others are about
/bin/sh being not GNU bash and have no effect on linux/Mac OS X or where GNU
bash is used (and sed not being GNU sed). The configure.ac part of the
stdint.h/inittype.h change is probably slightly risky on older non-Linux unix
systems where stdint.h doesn't exist.

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