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--- Comment #4 from Florian Rausch <florian.rausch at gmail.com> 2010-07-22 10:32:37 UTC ---
Okay, than i'll explain the other problems i had to solve first. This all is
valid for Win7 and WinXP (Virtual Machine).
After i compiled pcl6.exe, i used it on drive D:\. At this point there was no
PCLFONTSOURCE environment variable. I discovered, that i could not use pcl6.exe
when my current command line location was C:\ - no matter where pcl6.exe was
located. For example, the following worked (i'll skip the arguments and


But this did not work:


... producing the following endless repeating output: 

cannot open file /windows/fonts/sseriffg.fo 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/sseriffr.fo 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/sserifft.fo 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/StaticCache 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/STENCIL.TTF 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/StencilStd. 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/svgafix.fon 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/svgasys.fon 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/sylfaen.ttf 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/symbol.ttf 
cannot open file /windows/fonts/tahoma.ttf
(and may more lines)

Of course the fonts have been there. Than i tried to use the PCLFONTSOURCE
environment variable, set to "C:/Windows/Fonts/" (forward slashes, as mentioned
in doc) which produced:

cannot open file C:/Windows/Fonts/sseriffg.fon 
cannot open file C:/Windows/Fonts/sseriffr.fon 
cannot open file C:/Windows/Fonts/sserifft.fon 
cannot open file C:/Windows/Fonts/StaticCache.dat 
cannot open file C:/Windows/Fonts/STENCIL.TTF 

After that, i just tried to use backward-slashes: "C:\Windows\Fonts\".
This worked, i was able to work with pcl6.exe on drive C:\.

So everything was fine, until i tried to convert the file in the attachment in
my first post.

I also set PCLFONTPATH to another location, where only the urwfonts are
located. Currently i installed the urwfonts to Windows\Fonts and PCLFONTPATH
points there.

I tried this all on Win7 X86 and X64, using VS 2008 command line and GUI to
compile, and also compiled as debug and release.

Using WinXP, i had to set PCLFONTSOURCE in every case, no matter if command
line location is C:\ or isn't. Here also Backward-Slashes have to be used in
PCLFONTPATH. And of course i also installed urwfonts to Windows\Fonts.

> See if you can get it to work with everything on
> the default drive - no drive > designators (d:\),

C:\>pcl6 -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=output.pdf Auftrag1_PCL-Quelldatei.prn
End of page 1, press <enter> to continue.

hpgl call failed
        called from:
        file: ..\pcl\pglabel.c
        line: 140
        error code: -1
hpgl call failed
        called from:
        file: ..\pcl\pglabel.c
        line: 1179
        error code: -1
hpgl call failed
        called from:
        file: ..\pcl\pglabel.c
        line: 1364
        error code: -1
Warning interpreter exited with error code -1
Flushing to end of job


Other files are working, of course. Anything else, i can try?
Thanks for your great work!

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