[gs-bugs] [Bug 691495] Wrong colours if GS called by GSView

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--- Comment #7 from SaGS <sags5495 at hotmail.com> 2010-07-25 15:28:06 UTC ---
RE: comment #6

Indeed, all files in the examples\ show problems, with the exception of 
ridt91.eps. Colour files show in colour when displayed by GS directly, but 
grayscale when displayed by GSView. Also in GSView fills are truncated, and 
there are those colour irisations at the horizontal edges of the truncated 
fills; this latter problem dissapears after the patch attached to 
bug #691494 comment #3. I also tried other files containing raster images 
(looks like none of the GS examples does), and in GSView they appear in 
grayscale with an overlayed semitransparent red rectangle but OK in GS.
Note that by ‘GS directly’ I also mean ‘without setting any special options’.

Ridt91.eps looks ok even in GSView, don’t know why it’s an exception.

As a side note, displaying annots.pdf with GS alone I get 

    .\base\gsicc_littlecms.c:33: gscms_error(): cmm error :  Corrupted 
    memory profile

but I think that’s not related to the other problems.

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