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--- Comment #1 from SaGS <sags5495 at hotmail.com> 2010-07-26 05:35:19 UTC ---
I also get a harmful warning from VS2003 (7.1):

    gdevbbox.c(1197) : warning C4700: local variable 'cdev' used without 
    having been initialized

Note there are 2 variables named ‘cdev’ there:

  - a local one declared, without being initialized, in line 1194;
  - the function’s last parameter, which is never used because it is 
    hidden be the local one.

Maybe some of the references to ‘cdev’ should be to the parameter (in 
particular the last parameter of the ‘*dev_proc(.., create_compositor)()’ 
call, signaled by the error message?), and others to the local variable. 
As I don’t know the code, I cannot suggest a fix.

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