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--- Comment #2 from Hin-Tak Leung <hintak at ghostscript.com> 2010-07-26 05:43:54 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> I also get a harmful warning from VS2003 (7.1):
>     gdevbbox.c(1197) : warning C4700: local variable 'cdev' used without 
>     having been initialized
> Note there are 2 variables named ‘cdev’ there:
>   - a local one declared, without being initialized, in line 1194;
>   - the function’s last parameter, which is never used because it is 
>     hidden be the local one.
> Maybe some of the references to ‘cdev’ should be to the parameter (in 
> particular the last parameter of the ‘*dev_proc(.., create_compositor)()’ 
> call, signaled by the error message?), and others to the local variable. 
> As I don’t know the code, I cannot suggest a fix.

I am glad this warning shows up in windows build as well (was wondering about
This warning already dealt with in a patch I had while doing this build:


Somebody else needs to commit that fix.

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