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--- Comment #7 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2010-05-03 09:33:32 UTC ---
And in fact Technical note 5411, "ToUnicode mapping file tutorial" has this
example (page 29):

100 beginbfrange
<000A> <000B> <0384>
<0017> <0019> <0388>

Altering the ToUnicode CMap in the test file from :

1 beginbfrange


1 beginbfrange

correctly pastes the right arrow glyph into Wordpad, showing that Acrobat is
using the Unicode values (when not using the values, a '!' is pasted instead). 

This shows that its not the fact that the input codes are coincident, nor is it
some white space issue, its simply that Acrobat doesn't like the leading zeros.
These are documented as being correct in the tutorial, so technically I would
say this is an Acrobat bug.

So as usual we will strive to be bug-compatible with Acrobat instead of
following the documentation.

Its also worth noting that the tutorial says (page3):

"the following “codespacerange” definition, without exception, shall always be

1 begincodespacerange
  <0000> <FFFF>

Converting the test PostScript file to PDF using Acrobat Distiller 9 produces:

1 begincodespacerange <03> <03> endcodespacerange

So Adobe seems to be pretty comprehensively ignoring their document. 

The assumption of two byte keys for ToUnicode CMaps is pretty tightly
interwoven into the pdfwrite ToUnicode CMap emission, so this might be quite
tricky to work around.

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