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--- Comment #23 from Ken Sharp <ken.sharp at artifex.com> 2010-05-21 12:21:25 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #21)
> The notion of named resources (LanguageLevel 2) supports *the second method*. A
> resource is a collection of named objects that either reside in VM or can be
> located and *brought into VM on demand*. 

"*Either* reside in VM *or* can be located and brought into VM on demand". The
text does not say that resources must not be loaded into VM until demanded.
While it supports loading on demand it does not preclude pre-loading. Many
other PostScript interpreters also preload resources. In fact I'm only aware of
one which doesn't.

> Forced preloading of all existing Encoding resources at startup time is
> incompatible with this text.  

No it is not, the resource may exist in VM after startup and so need not be
loaded when demanded. The text does not require that resources *not* be present
unless requested.

> startup is insane, especially when a failure to do so causes the VM to
> completely fail.

Loading a broken resource fails, true. Loading any broken PostScript program
fails, it does not crash and while the failure may seem inexplicable to you, it
is meaningful to others. Many PostScript errors fall into this category.

In passing your comments about resource files containing DSC comments are
irrelevant. DSC comments are intended for consumers other than PostScript
interpreters, which do not need them. While resources intended for use by (for
example) a print spooler might reasonably be DSC-commented, there is no reason
to encumber the internal resources of a full PostScript interpreter with
comments which it will simply ignore. These files are not intended for (and are
not suitable for) usage outside the interpreter.

Now, can we please leave the subject.

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