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I'm surprised this was closed as WONTFIX.  This seems like a security hole to

Saying that it works "as documented" misses the point; the documented behavior
is a security risk.

Hin-Tak Leung writes
> Also it is by design - files specified on the command line are searched for in
> the same way as internal library files. They are both postscript instructions
> and there is no reason to treat then different.

It may be by design, but if so, the design is flawed, because the design is a
security risk.

There is a good reason to treat files under the current directory differently
from internal library files: security.  They have a different trust status. 
Postscript files in a non-user-modifiable library may be trusted, but I
shouldn't need to trust every file that may be lying around in /tmp (those
files might have been created by another user on the system who is malicious).

There's a good reason that security folks tell people not to put "." in your

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