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--- Comment #3 from Henry Stiles <henry.stiles at artifex.com> 2010-09-02 17:02:30 UTC ---
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> Luratech JPEG2000 decoder seems having problems with some of our test files.  I
> confirmed symptoms with trunk r11365 + luratech lwf_jp2 r10.
> - tests/pdf/j2kp4-file2-ycc-8bpc.pdf
> Wrong color.
> - tests/pdf/j2kp4-file3-ycc-8bpc.pdf
> Wrong color and different resolution in color channel?
> - tests/pdf/j2kp4-file6-gray-12bpc.pdf
> Using lower 8 bits?
> - tests/pdf/j2kp4-file7-icc-3ch-12bpc.pdf
> Using wrong bits?
> - tests/pdf/j2kp4-file9-palette.pdf
> Infinite loop.
> - tests_private/comparefiles/Bug690174.pdf
> Slanted gray image on Mac, slanted image plus black bars on Linux.
> Those could be luratech library problem or our glue routine problem.  I may
> divide this bug into several later.

>From Luratech:

All the problems mentioned in the bug are issues related to processes after
decompression: color conversion, scaling of bit depth etc...

We used the conformance test suite to ensure the correctness of our decoder
since the first versions of the SDK. Our JP2 decoder decompresses the JP2
You should make sure that the color space, ICC profiles, palettes, chroma
subsampling and bit depth are respected and handled correctly in the

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