[gs-bugs] [Bug 691588] Oversized glyphs with FAPI and antialiasing

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Wed Sep 8 08:35:36 UTC 2010


--- Comment #6 from Chris Liddell <chris.liddell at artifex.com> 2010-09-08 08:35:34 UTC ---
It seems to be to do with the order of calculation/assignment/promotion
operations differing on gcc vs MSVC. It appears that gcc promotes the variable
type early, before any calculations, whilst MSVC does the calculation before
the promotion. In this case, it's promotion of a 32 to a 64 bit variable, with
a left shift to raise the variable to a 32.32 fixed point form - MSVC was
losing the most significant bits.

Fix is in: r11695 - but given what happened the last time, I'm going to leave
the bug open until SaGS has a chance to test this.

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